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5-Day Marketing Blueprint Challenge

Special Time-Sensitive Invitation

Your New Challenge Is
June 7-11, 2021

Are you worried about your business surviving the ups and downs that make cash flow so unpredictable?  Maybe you’ve struggled to win your ideal clients for as long as you can remember. If so, you’re not alone.

Progress is about the path you take to get to your goals, and at any point in time, you are either on track or off track.  If you are ready to get on track, accept the challenge to spend just 5 days to jumpstart your marketing and land your ideal clients.

In Gail’s innovative Marketing Blueprint Challenge, you will spend just one hour per day for five days to plan for consistent cash flow and boost your marketing plans to land your ideal clients.

Stop worrying and take control of your future.

Start attracting your ideal clients more easily and quickly.

If you want to earn enough so that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams, sign up immediately.  For only $297 you can take advantage of some of the best training that Gail’s team has done with some of the most elite interior designers in the industry.

The 5-Day Marketing Blueprint Challenge provides Interior Designers the path to discover the quickest ways to get more business with less money and time.  The course covers:

  • How To Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Fastest Way To Get Great New Projects
  • How To Plan & Schedule Your Marketing To Ensure A Steady Stream of Clients
  • How To Quickly Budget For Marketing To Get The Best Return on Investment
  • What Gets Measured Gets Improved – Track Your Marketing Success

The magic is in following our step-by-step plan for 5 days and knowing that we'll be right there with you to answer your questions and encourage you to fully commit to your success.

You’ll get shortcuts, tools and coaching to inspire you to take fast action, and most importantly, we’ll show you how to get results.

This marketing strategy and training is part of our highest level VIP Experience program which many clients have paid thousands of dollars to access.

You'll get a detailed blueprint for transforming your results in just 5 days for a fraction of the VIP investment.  Rest assured, if you listen to and apply the training in this course, your life and your business can be transformed.


"It was an intensive in-depth overview of every aspect that a design firm needs to consider - it helped me get unstuck from overwhelm and also a clear path to meet my goals.  Amazing mentor in Gail. Thanks for giving me hope again! It was time well spent. Her style and process is easy to understand, and she provides excellent forms and spreadsheets to get you regrouping and fine-tuning your own business process. Look forward to taking more classes from Gail Doby in the future.”

 “The details you've provided are awesome. I love learning the different things I can be doing to further my business and gaining clarity on some business-end things I've been wondering about. Thank you!”



: “Love all the tools to analyze all things marketing, options and track what works and what doesn't.”

I liked learning about the automation - I think I need that!  This will make it much easier to make marketing a more regular part of our daily and weekly process.  Thanks for the info!!”



 “Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I had no idea where to start marketing. Now I have the tools.”

 “From that week of intense focus, I gained 3 new projects. . . I think it is a great investment. It is tons of information and it does take time to fully digest it all. It’s worth the time and money. It is a small price for the valuable information.”  (He made $38k from the clients he won that week.  That's a great ROI!)



Your helpful tips, a full hour of info always, handouts and encouragement for all levels have been such a blessing.  I am excited to put these tools to good use and carve out time for my 10 hours a week for marketing.  Thanks a million!”

Gail & Erin Will Show You How To Get

Great New Projects With Clients You Love!

We Know You Can Do It...

Isn’t It Time For You To Believe In Yourself And
Take Charge of Your Future?

About Gail Doby & ERin Weir

If you have heard about Gail Doby, you know that she is passionate about helping designers succeed.  Gail Doby and Erin Weir are cofounders of Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting.  They have developed business strategy and techniques training specifically for designers.  And they know what works, because they have been there themselves.  Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting builds one-of-a-kind experiences, working beside designers to help them create and implement their plans.  

Their clients have achieved amazing results . . . doubling, tripling (and more) their revenue and profit… with clarity and confidence. 


*Recordings will be posted in Slack to review the sessions or catch up on any that are missed.