5 Day Financial Blueprint Challenge

5-Day Financial Blueprint Challenge...

A Special Time-Sensitive Invitation


Have you ever thought...

“I don’t understand financials. I can’t “get” the numbers; they just go right over my head.”

If so, you are not alone.

But don’t feel bad.

Even with degrees in finance and design when I started my design firm, I didn’t have the right financial model either.

I quickly learned that clarifying your financial model is one of the most important tools for success, sanity and profit.

Are you willing to spend just one hour a day for five days to get on the path to financial security?

Don’t give into a head-in-the-sand approach to business management.

This can lead to guessing how much of the money in the bank is yours to spend which can lead to more serious problems...

Maxing out credit lines and credit cards and even having to lay off staff and move your office home is not what you want to experience.

I’ve seen financial disaster affect even multi-million dollar firms in spite of having hundreds of thousands of dollars in net profit on their P & L… and yet they were out of cash and facing ruin.

It’s crucial to understand your financials.

Running a business without foundational financial knowledge is like flying a plane blindfolded.

During the 5-Day Financial Blueprint Challenge you will learn: 

  • Why designers struggle to make money and how to avoid their mistakes.
  • How to plan for your future wealth - set lucrative financial goals so you can enjoy your life and your business.
  • How to read your P&L and Balance Sheets like a boss - common financial terms will be decoded and will no longer intimidate you.
  • How to build a profitable budget so you can achieve your financial goals.

You’ll get shortcuts, tools and coaching to inspire you to take fast action, and most importantly, we’ll show you how to immediately change your results.

This essential financial training is part of our highest level VIP Experience program which many clients have paid thousands of dollars to access so don’t pass up this great opportunity!.