Are You Ready to Finally
Understand Your Financials?

Learn how to use a P&L, Balance Sheet and more to
Grow Your Interior Design Business in 5 Days

Join Gail Doby for the Financial Blueprint Challenge, August 22 -26, Noon - 1 PM EST

For most interior designers, the thought of talking
about balance sheets, forecasts, and budgets can seem daunting

Are you willing to spend just one hour a day for five days
to get on the path to financial security?


  • Why designers struggle to make money and how to avoid their mistakes.
  • How to plan for your future wealth - so you can enjoy your life and your business.
  • How to read your P&L and Balance Sheets -- common financial terms will be decoded and will no longer intimidate you.
  • How to build a profitable budget so you can achieve your financial goals.



This is a safe environment to
get all your questions answered.

Join other successful interior designers already growing with us…

Lana: “Demystified this topic... at the beginning of the week I was worried and by the end of this week I am feeling much better! Thank you!”

Cara:  “It's been many years since college accounting; this refresher WITH the small business / interior design specific application is super helpful.”

Melissa: “Now that I know more, I understand the shortfalls of my  P&L  and want to make it more accurate.”

Randy: “Thank you! My takeaway is that numbers are not as scary as I always think they are... ;)”

Tina: “I really appreciate this challenge, I’ve learned how to improve my business and can pinpoint my problem points. Honestly I never understood the numbers until now and can’t wait to implement and upgrade my business.”