Our Blueprint Challenges

Our Blueprint Challenges were developed by Gail Doby to further her mission to empower interior designers and creative entrepreneurs to thrive, enabling them to earn more, worry less and enjoy better relationships with their clients and teams


Financial Blueprint Challenge    August 22 - 26, 2022

In Gail’s innovative and exciting new Financial Blueprint Challenge, you will spend just one hour per day for five days to plan for your future wealth and develop financial confidence that leads to bottom line results as a designer.

If you are ready to take control of your finances and start earning enough that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams, join the waiting list immediately.

Marketing Blueprint Challenge - To Be Announced

5 Day Marketing Blueprint ChallengeDiscover the quickest ways to get more business with less money and time than you expect.

“Working with Gail & Erin has taken much of the uncertainty out of my day-to-day decision-making and freed me up to focus on building my business and developing designs for my clients. I am no longer emotionally drained by uncertainty and fear, instead I feel confident in my business and its financial standing; I have MUCH better cash flow and there’s ALWAYS money in the account.”  Jodi Cook, Cook House Design

Planning Blueprint Challenge        To Be Determined

Planning is important because it's the foundation to help you achieve your ultimate goals. Learn how to stay focused on your objectives, meet target dates, stay within budget, and measure success.

“Gail’s direct and process driven coaching was eye-opening. I’ve noticed that I really think about business now and am not afraid of it. I understand monthly reporting, I can make clear decisions about the future and the direction I want to take my firm.”  Matthew Tirschwell, Tirschwell & Co. Inc.