Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting has been working with our clients since 2008 to build their businesses for financial success, family time, and a higher quality of life.

Below you'll find a few of our clients and their story of their experiences with GDCC and success. Click into each story and listen to the details from the client themselves.


Business was good, we still had a lot of clients, we had a lot of repeat business. But I just felt like my income had been going down. And I didn’t quite understand why; didn’t understand what was going wrong. ... I think as a designer I started off in this business just kind of thinking I could do it all on my own, and felt like I had to do it all on my own, and didn’t know where to go to ask questions – didn’t even know what questions I needed to be asking. To sit down with Gail and be introduced to Gail’s community… First and foremost, that’s really what Gail offers. She puts forth this community of people who will share and give and trade, and as a solo entrepreneur, you realize you’re not alone, and that you’re in this together, and it creates this community. I just wish I’d had that so many years earlier.

I look at it as another employee. My Gail Doby bill each year is another employee. It’s been my husband that’s always said “Becky, you can’t not afford that.” The kind of support I get as an owner from their program is like hiring a high-end consultant that is with me every day, that I have access to every day, to help me run this business.

I would say that when I started with Gail, the very first thing was just value. I remember she said “You have to raise your rates by double.” I was like “No. How do you do that?”. Especially with my “lifers”


Becky Charton-640

We had worked with coaches before; we’d done three-day programs before. And you come back, and you’re all excited, but you don’t have real concrete tools, right? My business partner and I both knew we needed to do something. We knew we needed to make a shift, and not just a small shift. We really needed to make a really big shift in our business to inspire ourselves to get ourselves over that hump and to propel ourselves into the next chapter of what we really wanted our business to be. It was during the pandemic that Gail did a series of free webinars. After I had met Gail, I knew she was probably the perfect match, and we had interviewed several different business coaches. It was during these free seminars that my business partner was on, and she got to see Gail and she was like “Oh my god, we have to talk to Gail!”  I knew that that connection was going to be there.


Our business would absolutely not be where it is today without the help of Gail’s team.

I often joked that I truly thought there was a rulebook in this industry and everybody had a copy – but nobody gave me a copy. And it was lonely. At the end of the day it’s very lonely when everybody looks to you for the answers and you just frankly don’t have the answers. So Gail just gives you the tools!



My experience had been primarily in commercial interior design, so while I was looking for a coach, I wasn’t certain how Gail’s coaching would translate to that type of design business. But I knew I wanted to expand our company into residential interior design and decided to take the step and work with Gail. Through our work, I was inspired to do what I had only thought about doing: expand into residential design. From there, Gail inspired me to do many other things too!


What wasn’t clear to me was the all-important and direct connection between watching my financials and using them as a great tool for project management, planning, hiring and marketing. That changed when I started working Gail, through my time spent with her I came to realize that all of running a business is based on your financials.

Amy relates her business story.

A good friend of mine (Bria Hammel) told me about working Gail Doby. Actually, she had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Gail Doby, about her experience and the impact it had on her business.  I’d been hoping to increase my financial success and to grow my business, and I also knew that to do both, I needed to get a better grasp on where I wanted it to go,  so I took what Bria said to heart and contacted Gail.


I started working with Gail expecting to get a better perspective on how to run my business, and how to look at it from a better vantage point.  Through my work with Gail I accomplished that and something unexpected, as well, and that pertained to revenue. We increased revenue by ninety percent in the first year. So yes, that was good.


Matthew Tirschwell
Karen B Wolf

Around five years ago I was looking for a coach while at Highpoint Market. I knew I wanted someone who understood the emotional baggage and struggles interior designers experience that are so particular to our industry. And beyond business advice, I was looking for warmth and personal support.  Those criteria eliminated a lot of coaches, but not Gail, so when I found out she had one time slot available, I begged for it.