Strategic Business Transformation

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The Intensive Group Coaching You Need To Find Your “Sweet Spot” – Where You’re Doing More of What You Love, With Clients You Love, While Making More Money!
SBT is like a “Time Release” capsule. It is a 12-month skills training program comprising videos, tools, exercises and monthly live group coaching phone calls. This online coaching option works well if you are a busy design firm owner who wants the training, but needs after-hours and weekend access to strategies and tactics specific to the interior design industry.
If you want to learn over time and have access to materials you can continuously review, and you’re not financially ready for a hands-on-with-an-expert, prescriptive consulting experience,  this is the perfect match for you.



“SBT is really helpful, and I am implementing what I am learning. I have hired a part-time assistant who is helping with office organization. Making myself be more organized and using my freed up time wisely is my goal. You’re awesome (Gail and Drue) and so is SBT!”
C. Randy Trainor, Allied ASID, GREENLeader AP, Portsmouth, NH


Tripled her revenue in one year
after working with Gail!

To ask what I have learned from Gail?? It’s more like what HAVEN’T I learned through Gail!! With Gail …

I have learned more about the BUSINESS of interior design in the past year than in all my 20+ years of business combined, my business has tripled in revenue in one year, I hired a part-time assistant allowing me to delegate the necessary, day-to-day operations so that I am able to focus on the clients and design and made great strides in systematizing the business …

Valerie Garrett, Associate ASID
Valerie Garrett Interior Design, Macon, GA
Doubled her interior design business after working with Gail!

Hi, I’m Donna Hoffman. I’m the President and owner of Boutique Interior Design firm, specializing in high-end interior design in the residential areas of Philadelphia and Princeton, New Jersey.

One of the things I absolutely love about the work I’ve done with Gail is that I’ve seen hard, measurable results and improvements in our company’s structure and in our bottom line. In particular, I have to tell you there’s a great duo of classes involved—the Strategic Business Transformation Class which is a commitment for the commitment worth making and also the Value Based Fees Class.

Before I had done either of these programs, I was a ‘disaster.’ I was a solopreneur trying to do it all. I was under outrageous stress almost all the time, wasn’t sleeping very well. I was trying to do it all myself and my results were not exactly what I wanted them to be in terms of the bottom line.

Here are some of the changes that have happened for our company—soft changes as well as hard, measurable results.

In this first quarter of this past calendar year, we billed, as much as we billed an entire calendar year for the prior year. By the end of Q2, we had doubled what we had billed for the entire year. (She was on track for quadrupling her business in one year after starting SBT) In terms of what we did in our company, I used to have simply a virtual assistant. Now I’ve got a wonderful team of women working with me in support of my business and business growth—a terrific operation officer and chief of all things, a wonderful design assistant who I can bring in on projects as needed, a terrific bookkeeper, as well as our virtual assistant. I’ve gone from being pretty much buried in Google searches to being in the top-line game.

Donna Hoffman, MFA, IFDA
Interiors By Donna Hoffman, Princeton, NJ




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