Design Phrases to use on your Website to Attract Clients

Are you looking for just the right thing to say? Does it seem a little overwhelming knowing where to begin when you are trying to draw clients to your website? The most important thing to remember is to be descriptive. Help people picture their lives and inspire them to see how you can help them achieve the right look for them. Use the phrases below to get started or help inspire your own.

General Phrases

It’s about you. It’s your home; your lifestyle and your personality that you want to express … not ours. We’re here to help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you.

You want that perfect home for entertaining your friends and family, yet you don’t know where to start. What color creates that perfect ambiance that reflects your personality and your love for the people who mean so much to you?

It’s not about what you own, it’s about how you create a warm and welcoming place to gather, share secrets, stories and laughs. It’s about the memories you create.

Your home is the backdrop of your life. Every last detail that is well-conceived and perfectly executed reflects your good taste, passion for comfortable living and joy in life. Relax and let us guide you effortlessly through the process of designing your perfect retreat.

Whether you want every last detailed handled for you or you just need advice and resources, we make it easy and fun for you.

Master Bath

Imagine slipping into your luxury spa tub with the soothing bubbles, soft music and glowing candles in your own private sanctuary away from the stresses and demands of your intense schedule.


Create magical moments for your family and friends in your new gourmet kitchen full of rich and comforting aromas from your powerful professional stainless steel range. Imagine the laughs and clinking glasses toasting your perfectly prepared savory appetizers. You’ll savor the memories of fun gatherings long after your ultra-silent dishwasher dries the last dish for you.

Master Bedroom

Retreat to your personal oasis from your over-stimulated world of endless carpools, coordination of details and schedules to your private suite created just for you. Relax and enjoy the soothing textures and calming colors coordinated to give you the perfect respite from your daily stresses.

Lifestyle Transitions

As you prepare for the new and exciting phase of your life when you’re ready to relax, travel and enjoy the fruits of your many years of work, we simplify your transition into a perfectly coordinated and organized lifestyle surrounded with your favorite possessions. If you’ve been postponing it because it’s so overwhelming, let us bring order to the chaos and seamlessly orchestrate the process for you. We take care of every last detail for you with our ___________ (benefit-oriented title) service.

Home Theater

Invite your friends to watch your favorite movies and enjoy a relaxing evening in the comfort of your own state of the art cinema. Feel the rumble of the cars, hear the roar of the engines, and taste the buttery smell of the popcorn as you settle into your perfectly appointed home theater. We use the latest illumination technology to create the perfect ambiance when the lights dim at exactly the right moment.

Kids Rooms

In just a few months, you’ll bring your precious new baby home to the perfect nursery designed just for him or her. Everything is ready to welcome your new addition to your growing family. Your heirloom quality crib is fitted with the adorable custom bumpers and bedding that soothes your baby into a long and quiet sleep so you can rest, too. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips so you can enjoy the precious time with your newborn.

Your child is growing into a young adult and you know it’s time to acknowledge this important transition with a room that’s designed just for them. And, you know they need the perfect place to do their homework so they get the grades they need to get into a great college.

Create an inviting and comforting place where your teen can’t wait to be after a busy day at school. They’ll look forward to studying and then hanging out with their friends in their “cool” room. You won’t have to worry that their homework isn’t done, or that you don’t know where they are … because they’ll look forward to being home in their own custom-designed space.


You’re thinking of remodeling, and you don’t know where to start. What you do know is that you need more space for your growing family, or your appliances are dated and barely functioning. The cabinets look tired and well worn from constant use. Whatever the reason you’re thinking of remodeling, it takes months of planning and coordination to achieve the results you want.

If it’s time to renovate, and there are thousands of decisions to make down to the last piece of hardware and that perfect paint color. We make it easy for you. Our experience saves you time and money so you can do what is important to you while we manage the details.

Because it’s such an important investment, you want the most knowledgeable team who knows exactly how to help you magically create that perfect great room with the best appliances and custom finishes that are easy to maintain and perfectly coordinated to create the exacting balance of function and beauty.

Our proven team works like clockwork to complete your project with the least amount of stress and worry. We’ve worked together for so many years that our carefully vetted subcontractors and contractors know what we expect … near perfection.

The job is done right the first time, and your team of experienced craftsmen takes pride in the work they provide for you. Your team is dependable and trustworthy so you don’t have to worry about strangers in your home.

Window Treatments

Is something missing in your home? Is it that special finishing touch like the perfect accessory for the perfect outfit?

If your windows look bare and underdressed, then let us design the perfect frame for your view and soft backdrop for your elegant interior. Window treatments are often the last detail that completes the look of your room. They add the drama, sophistication and your personal flair to your basic windows.

Window treatments do more than just dress your windows. They control the blinding light so your furnishings and flooring are protected from sun damage.

Window treatments also control the heat loss in the winter and temperature gain in the summer so you can control the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills.

Window treatments can be impressive, understated, whimsical and practical. When you know the personality you want to reflect, call us and we’ll help you design the perfect blend of beauty and function that fits your ideal image of your home.

Remember to create word pictures for your readers. Bring them into the copy by using visual, verbal and textural words. Instead of a laundry list, think of features, benefits and the benefits of the benefits. What does the feature do for them emotionally?

If you know your Ideal Client Profile, it is much easier to write directly to one person. Do not write in first or third person. You want them to imagine themselves in the world you are creating with words.

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