Digital Content for your Landing Page: Image and Video

When you enter a website, what’s the first thing you see? Is there a video catching your attention? Does the business tell you what they offer? When people find your site, first impressions are important to consider – that’s often the first opportunity to communicate your brand. In a matter of seconds, people will leave your site if they don’t absolutely love what they see.

Videos & Images

Images engage, but videos captivate. Videos transcend static images, giving the audience more opportunity to understand you. You can’t explain everything through words, so don’t skip out on an opportunity to show the client what you have to offer. Pristine images are also essential, but videos give life to your project. Showing your company in motion gives life to a name.

Find the Best Outlet

Consider where will the video be played. Take a look at your analytics to see where most of your traffic is coming from and what the most common landing pages are. Do the majority of your visitors use a desktop or mobile device? The experience of video on a phone is entirely different from a desktop or laptop screen.

Think about it – a phone screen is only a few inches wide, allowing you to see less detail. Try to make mobile content more basic, showing whole ideas while veering away from too many details. If you’re going to show detail, be sure the image is a close-up to allow the viewer to understand it. In contrast, with desktop content, there is more flexibility to show the world all you’ve got. Still image composition should generally follow the same guidelines for both mobile and desktop. Be conscious of the pages you choose to add videos and graphics to – reel in your audience, then lead them to the rest of your site.

Completed Work

Site users will be looking at your portfolio to decide if they want to work with you. Be sure only to share your best work, highlighting what you prefer to do. If you specialize in residential but also design for restaurants, emphasize home interiors. Showcase your best work, but more importantly, the work you want to do. Remember, you attract the business you advertise!

Your content is the mass of what people are going to see at first glance, and you want them to stick around! Make your name memorable and one to come back to. Keep in mind, you can have a captivating and clean site, but there is more to it than that. You’ve got to give a reason for people to come to you. Show your personality and brand online!

Nick May is the host of a widely acclaimed interior design podcast, The Chaise Lounge, dedicated to the business of interior design. Each week he interviews top designers from across the globe to find out how they got into interior design, why they started their firm, and what has made them so successful.

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Nick May

Nick May is the host of widely acclaimed interior design podcast— The Chaise Lounge, dedicated to the business of interior design. Each week he interviews top designers from across the country to find out HOW they got into interior design, WHY they started their own firm, and WHAT has made them SO successful. Nick believes in systems, team building, and marketing (but not necessarily in that order). He is passionate about helping others grow their businesses by sharing his successes and failures in the often-misunderstood dark art of marketing and social media.
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