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In the December 8 blog post, I briefly mentioned your marketing budget for 2015. Now let’s dig into a more detailed list of marketing tasks that you can implement in 2015.

1. Photography – how many projects do you intend to photograph? Do you have a good architectural/interiors photographer? If not, ask your peers for recommendations, or better yet, if you have aspirations to be published in a particular shelter magazine, find out if a freelance photographer in your area has been published in that magazine. Your photographer can actually help you get published if your work fits the magazine’s style.

2. Styling of your shoots – if you aren’t experienced with styling your own shoots, ask the photographer if he/she can recommend a stylist, and meet with that person to discuss their work and fees.

3. Show Homes – larger firms tend to participate in show homes because they have a team and the budget to afford the expense. Doing a show home takes as much time as any other project, and sometimes even more because you have to find resources that are willing to loan materials and furnishings, and you have to coordinate the team. Also, you need to plan how you’ll make the most of this exposure if you invest your time and money in this venture. You want to have marketing materials at the show home, and it is recommended that you staff the show home to ask questions and interact with the visitors. If the show home is featured in a magazine, you can order extra magazines and send them (with your stickers – add to the budget) to local Realtors, architects, builders, general contractors, past and current clients.

4. Continuous contact – you want to stay in touch with your current and past clients, so plan those activities and also add a line item to your budget for gifts and cards.

5. Website update – if it has been more than three years since you’ve updated your website, then you want to budget for this update. Also, be sure to plan the time required of you to prepare and review the materials for your website update. Very important – if you want to publish a new project, don’t put the photos on your website or online until the project has been published by the target magazine, and be sure you know how long after the project is published that you can use the photos on your site.

6. Advertising – I am not a big fan of expenditures for glossy ads in magazines because the readers may not be your Ideal Clients. I would rather see you invest your time in developing relationships with the writers and editors of your local or regional newspapers and magazines.

7. Online sites – Houzz is a place you should be seen. Spend time updating your portfolio at least once every six to twelve months.

There are many more marketing tactics that you can use to promote your business and I will cover those in future blog posts.

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