Master Your Medium, Then Market

When you’re ready to grow your business, how do you find and attract new potential clients? These days, whether from choice or necessity, that usually involves employing some form of social media. Before the start of the pandemic, about 7 in 10 Americans engaged with social media regularly to share messages and photos and to seek out news and information. That figure is probably a lot higher now. So if you want to expand your marketing efforts, turning to social media makes a lot of sense.

Don’t just jump in, though. Take time to learn about your market’s interests and social media habits. Also, get familiar with the platform(s) you plan on using, even if you intend to outsource the heavy lifting to a tech savvy freelancer or digital marketing firm. You need to understand the medium and the audience in order to know how to position yourself, what type of content to create, and how to effectively communicate with your intended prospects.

The great thing about using social media to market is that everyone is doing it. The challenge is that everyone is doing it, so how do you make your content view-worthy and unique? Then, how do you make your presence known so that users will take the time to check it out?

Social media marketing is not the same as social media use. You can’t just create an account and dive in. Like other types of marketing, you need to develop a plan if you want to get any meaningful return for your efforts. Keep in mind that social media marketing is about developing relationships, not making sales. Hopefully, those will come later.

In addition to identifying your audience and what you have to offer them that is unique, specify the type of content you’ll deliver (e.g., advice, insights, trends, recommendations), how you’ll deliver it (text, photos, videos, podcast) and how often (weekly, monthly). Create a monthly budget for a year’s worth of marketing, as it takes time to build up a following. Also, create a launch plan for how you are going to spread the word about your campaign.

Before you launch, be sure you have at least a month’s worth of content. Make time each week for new content development so you stay ahead of your posting schedule. Social media thrives on novelty.

I offer this advice having just recently gone through the process of developing and launching our new podcast series, the Creative Genius Podcast. You can listen to episodes on our website. Or, you can find it and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoy it, please let others know about it and leave a review. (That should be part of your marketing strategy, too.)


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