Planning Your Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy ready for 2020? Do you even have a marketing plan that identifies your marketing strategies? Hopefully you will accept some advice as you gear up for your 2020 marketing strategies.

First of all review and evaluate your marketing efforts in 2019. Make a list and identify which, if any, strategies you would do again, why was it effective and what was the ROI (return on your investment – of time and money). Then identify which strategies you feel gave you a worthwhile ROI and why, but might need some improvements to be used again – and identify those improvements. Finally, check off those strategies that need to be eliminated and, again, include details as to why they were not successful. The reason it is important to identify the “why” for each item on this list, whether you plan to preserve, improve or eliminate them, is so that in the future it will help jog your memory as to what was and wasn’t effective and why.

When evaluating your past year’s marketing effectiveness ask yourself if you are trying to do too much and spreading your marketing budget too thinly. You should already have a tool such as Google Analytics that will measure the performance and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies over the past year. Do not initiate a marketing strategy without evaluating the ROI. What is the profit from marketing over the cost of that marketing?

Before you plan your marketing for the upcoming year, be sure you have identified how you want to grow your business, who are your clients, and how those clients communicate. This is critical information to help you focus your marketing strategy. In addition, is your website ready to work for you when your marketing starts to bring ideal clients to your site?

Once you have answered the above questions, don’t try to incorporate too many marketing strategies but rather focus on just 3 strategies that will best reach those clients and bring you the most business with the least effort and expense. Keep in mind that there is a “cost” financially and also in time spent when marketing so when evaluating the ROI, be sure to consider both. Whether it is through referrals, networking (via involvement in local organizations and/or events, etc.), Instagram, email “optin”, speaking engagements, etc. select your 3 strategies wisely to best reach YOUR ideal clients. You do not want to waste time or money marketing to “everyone”.

Remain focused on your area of expertise – what you have to offer those ideal clients – and on building relationships. The marketing strategies that build relationships may take time, but remember that ideal clients for life are much more valuable than one-time customers. Keep in mind this quote from Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker: “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

For more advice on marketing as we begin a new year, check out these excellent blog posts, Focus on One Marketing Strategy at a Time and Create Your Marketing Ecosystem.

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