THIS Is Where Your Breakthrough Begins…
Work Side-by-Side with Gail Doby, Tackling Your Biggest Constraints With Specific Recommendations Tailored To Your Company And Proven Strategies And Tactics That Will Give You Immediate Results.
If you want a personalized “Immediate Gratification” breakthrough with transformational Co-CEO support and dramatic financial gains (we’re talking doubling your investment or more, if your business follows suit with our other VIP clients), you may be interested in Gail Doby’s VIP Day.

Apply for transformational VIP Day now

A VIP Day is for you if…

1. Your business has achieved a minimum of $150,000 in gross sales (products, time and fees)

2. You are coachable

3. You are willing to take massive action

4. And you understand the difference between an expense and an investment – meaning that an expense never gets repaid, but an investment returns multiples of the payment you make on the front end – like investing in real estate. No one can take away the investment you make in yourself. The clarity, confidence, knowledge and skills you gain from your VIP Day and VIP Platinum Coaching are Investments in your success.

Gail will show you financial optimization strategies within the VIP Day that will pay for the VIP Day many times over. So far, her track record is 100% (though she can’t guarantee that same result for you).


Ready To Find Out If You Qualify For A VIP Day?
First, you’ll fill out a VIP Day Application. Then, you’ll hear from a member of Gail’s team to schedule a one-on-one Complimentary Strategy Session with Gail. Gail wants this personal relationship to be a mutual fit, so if it isn’t the right program for you at the time of your conversation, Gail will direct you to another program that is more appropriate for your unique situation.

Apply for transformational VIP Day now

Gail’s VIP Day clients, and specifically those who have followed up with her VIP Platinum Coaching (ongoing support for a minimum of 12 months), have achieved amazing results…

Clarity in direction, goals and branding – which means greater confidence and less anxiety when making decisions

More time off and more scheduled “me time”

The ability to do more of what they love because they have the tools to teach their team what to do and how to do it in keeping with their own brand and vision

Separation of business life and personal life, if family members are part of the business (we sometimes call it business relationship therapy!)

Immediate bottom-line improvements based on customized solutions and exact strategies Gail has used in her own business and that other VIPs have used to get the same results

More money in reserve, which means less stress when the inevitable cash flow cycles occur

More income, which gives you more freedom to choose who you work with and what you do within your business

Doubling, tripling, quadrupling+ sales and profits (not guaranteed, but it has happened in most cases)


NOTE: Because of the preparation and follow-up work and Gail’s heavy consulting schedule, Gail only offers two or three VIP Days per month.

VIP & VIP Platinum Clients

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