Our Mission

Help 100 design firms reach $2.5 million in annual revenue with 20% profit

At Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting we all come to work every day to solve the biggest problems that Interior Designer face in their business. The nagging problems that keep them awake at night, many of the same issues that every business owner face. Even successful Interior Designers struggle to find the right clients, increase their bottom-line profits, and have access to solid business guidance that they can count on.

Throughout the history of Interior Design, people come out of school with little to no business building knowledge. Our mission at Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting is to help 100 design firms reach $2.5 million in annual revenue with 20% profit. The truth is you have to have both, revenue and bottom-line profits to be sustainable. We have helped design firms 10x their revenue and profits in little as six months using our proven proprietary formulas.

What Kind of Manager are You?

Many designers start their design firms with little if any business education and may not have any experience in managing a team.  So when they realize the necessity of building a team for the success of their business it can be a challenge.  Managers need to take command, have a vision and encourage the engagement…

Supply Challenges for Interior Designers Will Linger into Next Year

Forewarned is forearmed, it is said.  So, while I prefer not be the bearer of bad news, it is becoming increasingly clearer that the supply chain issues that are causing so many difficulties for our industry are not likely to abate any time soon.  Recent projections from experts in a variety of industries indicate that…

Are You Living a Life of Play and Rest? | Commitments of Conscious Leadership #9

Are you living a life of play and rest? Probably not since we continuously hear complaints about not having enough hours in the day!

Shipping Hacks for Interior Design Pros

Further complicating the challenges arising from the worldwide supply chain upheaval, issues with shipping are creating headaches for many designers.  The causes are more or less the same as those clogging up supply chains—labor shortages due to the pandemic, delays at factories and ports, and rising demand for goods and services.  Designers I spoke with…

Hiring Employees Will Save You Money

To successfully grow your business you need to build a strong team.  And yet often designers have trouble letting go and question the need for a team. What would your life be like if your business kept growing, your profits increased, and you were to delegate some of what is currently on your plate so…

Interior Design Pros Share Their Supply Chain Hacks

First came the tariffs and trade wars.  Then came the pandemic, which caused factories to close, shipping services to dwindle, and ports to back up with non-loaded and unloaded containers of goods.  To make matter worse, severe climate events wreaked havoc on raw materials, warehouses and manufacturers.  Together, they created the perfect storm of supply…

Are You Excelling in Your Zone of Genius? | Commitments of Conscious Leadership #8

As stated by the Conscious Leadership Group (CLG), “conscious leaders build an organization that allows all team members to realize their full potential – and they support and inspire others to do the same.”  In your journey to become a conscious leader, are you willing to make that commitment? Gay Hendricks, PhD, in his book…

Keeping Pace with Innovation Acceleration

While it may feel like the world is stuck in a rut, unable to break out of a cycle of contagion and disaster, behind the headlines developments are taking place that will have a profound effect on our businesses and our lives in the decade ahead.  If you think the pace of change has been…

The Technology that Keeps GDCC Running Smoothly

Are you taking advantage of available software to more effectively and efficiently manage your business?  Here is a quick review of software that GDCC uses and that you may want to consider integrating into your business if you are not currently doing so. Business Tool Suite G Suite is a product set including Gmail, Google…

What's Your Interior Designer Persona?
What's Your Interior Designer Persona?
The VIP Experience
The VIP Experience
Easy Budget Calculator Tool
Easy Budget Calculator Tool