Our Mission

Help 100 design firms reach $2.5 million in annual revenue with 20% profit

At Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting we all come to work every day to solve the biggest problems that Interior Designer face in their business. The nagging problems that keep them awake at night, many of the same issues that every business owner face. Even successful Interior Designers struggle to find the right clients, increase their bottom-line profits, and have access to solid business guidance that they can count on.

Throughout the history of Interior Design, people come out of school with little to no business building knowledge. Our mission at Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting is to help 100 design firms reach $2.5 million in annual revenue with 20% profit. The truth is you have to have both, revenue and bottom-line profits to be sustainable. We have helped design firms 10x their revenue and profits in little as six months using our proven proprietary formulas.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Marketing

We all know the reasons why some consumers prefer to attempt to do their own home improvements. It’s less expensive. They can do it at their own pace and on their own time. Even if they’re willing to work with a pro, they aren’t sure who they should hire, whether they will be reliable, and…

Commit to Being the Source of Your Approval, Control, and Security | Comittments of Conscious Leadership #11

Continuing on the path to becoming a conscious leader, the Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) addresses where people source approval, control and security. They state that all “wants”, regardless of their size, are actually just 3 core wants: approval, control and security. The desire for security comes from the deepest want for physical survival and approval…

Gail Doby’s Top 5 Books of 2021

Anyone who knows me knows that I read a lot of books. During my 6-week sabbatical in December 2021, I stayed true to form and read more than 20 books. It wasn’t easy to distill these amazing books down into my top 5, but here we are! These are the 5 books that I think…

An Attitude of Gratitude Can Help Your Business Grow

How often do you show gratitude to your clients? You may send them a card for the holidays or give them a gift at the end of a project. But do you stay connected throughout the year? Ways to stay connected with past (and present) clients should be part of your marketing plan and budget.…

Not Everyone Knows About You – And That’s Okay

With everyone resorting to digital marketing these days, how can a designer stand out against the competition?  That’s the question I put to my colleague Ken Lewis, managing partner with Client Expander, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with companies in the design industry.   He graciously shared with me some of his insights from…

Exploring the Opposite | Commitments of Conscious Leadership #10

The Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) finds that most challenges with which businesses struggle come from people believing they are right about the way they perceive situations, one another, or themselves. You will better understand this if you select an issue in your life with which you are struggling.  If you dig a little deeper you…

What Kind of Manager are You?

Many designers start their design firms with little if any business education and may not have any experience in managing a team.  So when they realize the necessity of building a team for the success of their business it can be a challenge.  Managers need to take command, have a vision and encourage the engagement…

Supply Challenges for Interior Designers Will Linger into Next Year

Forewarned is forearmed, it is said.  I prefer not be the bearer of bad news. But it is becoming increasingly clearer that supply chain issues are not likely to abate any time soon. Not for our industry, or any other. Recent projections from experts in a variety of industries indicate that it will be well…

Are You Living a Life of Play and Rest? | Commitments of Conscious Leadership #9

Are you living a life of play and rest? Probably not since we continuously hear complaints about not having enough hours in the day!

Easy Budget Calculator Tool
Easy Budget Calculator Tool
The VIP Experience
The VIP Experience
What's Your Interior Designer Persona?
What's Your Interior Designer Persona?