CAse STudy: Amy Leferink - Interior Impresssions

A good friend of mine (Bria Hammel) told me about working Gail Doby. Actually, she had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Gail Doby, about her experience and the impact it had on her business.  I’d been hoping to increase my financial success and to grow my business, and I also knew that to do both, I needed to get a better grasp on where I wanted it to go,  so I took what Bria said to heart and contacted Gail.

My biggest concern was the financial investment, it was a leap of faith due to cash flow issues and debt, and honestly, I worried that I had thrown away a chunk of money. But I realized fast that didn’t have to worry; I definitely increased my revenues, almost doubled them, in the first two years and today I have zero debt. Plus, I’m paying myself almost twice what I was before I started working with Gail.

Another thing that’s great is that Gail’s work is ongoing. I know what I need to do to be profitable. I’m keenly aware of my time billing, expenses, and all the numbers that matter day to day. I never really looked at them before but now I watch time billing closely on a daily basis, and I look at my P&L and budget tracker every month. I have a budget for the year that I work really hard to stick to, and I track cash flow weekly, and by being in Boardroom and participating in Genius Exchanges everything I do, I do with peers who are also friends.

Gail gave me so much more confidence in myself and my abilities to be a successful entrepreneur, including considering creating additional sources of revenue, like an online business. But most of all, in her honest, challenging and productive way, Gail taught me to dream so much bigger than I could have on my own.


“I get to do what I love doing, and also make a good living doing it! I feel more in control of my life and my future. I have a plan for what I need to do to retire and live the lifestyle I want to live. I feel so much more secure and happy.  Getting there took a lot of commitment and hard work, but it was all worth it!”


  • Revenues nearly doubled in the first two years.
  • 4232% net profit increase over baseline.
  • 4 to 6 months of expenses in savings at all times.
  • Debt free.