Creative Genius Podcast

Two good friends who also happen to be the two co-founders of a creative consultancy for designers, Gail Doby and Erin Weir share how their long and enduring friendship impacts the way they inspire each other and work through whatever life and business challenges come their way. In their own honest musings, and also in their open conversations with speakers, authors, and influencers, they further their own journey as friends and founders, causing us to further our own journeys, too.

Creative Genius Podcast

Be True to Your Vision

What does it take to be design superstar? In today’s episode, Gail and Erin talk with multi-award-winning designer Jamie Drake, founder and partner, Drake/Anderson in New York City. Widely admired for his stunning interiors and sophisticated product lines, Jamie is a member of Interior Design magazine’s Interior Design Hall of Fame, ELLE DECOR’s prestigious A-List, and of the exclusive Architectural Digest AD100.

The Founders, S1E1 A Business Born Among The Clouds

A Business Born Among The Clouds

Every business is a journey. You never know where it might lead you or what you might encounter along the way. It helps to have a trusted partner to provide support and counsel. In today’s episode, Gail and Erin relate the many stages their business has gone through and how their long and enduring friendship has supported and strengthened them throughout their journey.


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