GDCC Sponsor Order Request Form

  • Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Sponsor/Speaking Order Request Form

    This form is for the submission of sponsorship or speaking order requests and to record critical information to the GDCC team for a an event Sponsor. Please complete this as fully as possible.

    In order to properly process your order, we must have ALL the details for the sponsor, sponsorship, or speaking engagement included in the agreement. Please detail each piece included (Event Admission, BAFs, etc..) with the associated dollar value.

    Also, please verify the credit card information to be used and the specific contact record this order is to be placed on. If any of this information is incomplete it WILL delay the processing of this order. Thank you.


  • Please select your name so we'll know who submitted this record in case of questions.
  • (Please verify this is the contact's Infusionsoft email address, if already in the system.)
  • Enter the sponsorship program or speaking engagement fee for this request.
  • If included with package, indicate INCLUDED
  • If included, Indicate INCLUDED
  • (All numbers should total to this number)

  • Please describe the payment agreement details that should be included in the Order Form. (i.e. first, last payment, dates, time delays, etc... )

    Note: Payments have a start date and a specific time period between the payments. Creative payments aren't supported in Infusionsoft.

  • Please be very specific in the credit card information to be used with appropriate cvc codes, names, etc..
    If a card on file is called for please verify the card exists and is valid in Infusionsoft.
    Required: Full card #, Expiration, Card billing address, Phone, and CVC number for any manual payments.
    Any missing or incomplete information ~will~ cause delays in processing the order, so please be thorough.

  • Please expand on all details that are pertinent to creating and completing the GDCC order form. When created, each
    product/element in the order form usually has a value associated with it. If the cost is quoted without a breakout,
    be sure to list all elements that are included.

    Please be specific when there are additional people for DSA Team memberships, etc... Be sure to specify if billing will be done on a different contact.
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