Celebrate Your Wins

By Gail Doby. ASID
CVO & Co-Founder, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting & Design Success University

Our company has just reached a significant milestone – 10 years of serving interior designers and helping them achieve more profit and renewing their passion for design. We hope you’re one of those success stories.

I was prepping our Q2 Team Kick-Off meeting, and as I reviewed our progress in Q1, I was amazed at how much we’d accomplished during the first three months. I’m also excited to share the wins with the team which so our next quarter benefits from the momentum we’ve established. We’re kicking off new projects and initiatives that relate to our theme for the year which is “STREAMLINE | ALIGN | PROFIT.

As I reviewed our progress, I felt pride in our team, satisfaction that we had focused and achieved our quarterly goals, and felt more motivated to crush the next quarter’s goals. That’s why it is good to look back and celebrate your wins. Otherwise it seems as if you’re on an endless uphill climb.

Wins for us involve much more than completing projects. What really matters to us is how we impact the lives and businesses of our clients. During regular coaching calls, I spoke with a few of my clients and wanted to share their comments. Here’s a particularly relatable situation:

“I felt trapped. I had created a monster that I wanted so badly, but I didn’t know how to get out of the overwhelm. Since working with you, I have found professional and personal balance that works for me with more financial stability. At first it seemed like a huge and risky investment especially since I was focused on my exit strategy because I was miserable. Now I find that I can have both a life and a business… it’s a huge shift. I could not have done it without your help or without the Boardroom. It’s been an amazing transformation. Thank you!” – Vicky Serany

Another client’s bookkeeper and I reminisced about the progress her designer’s firm had made since 2014. She’s promised a testimonial, but in the meantime, here’s what her owner has experienced:

• From financial fear and low income to six-figures in savings – feels more secure
• She bought a second property a few years ago which is a partial write-off – smart decision and it gives her a place that feels like home when she travels for work
• She’s giving herself a substantial raise this year which feels great
• She faced a life-threatening illness [and is now well] and was able to continue her business and keep her team because she had ample financial reserves
• She’s buying a building which will build equity for the future
• She has financial reserves to pay taxes and in case of financial dips – eliminates stress
• No debt – feels amazing
• On track to reach financial freedom g oals which contributes to peace of mind
• In the middle of project that she sees as the pinnacle of her career – emotionally rewarding
• Working less than 50 hours a week – before the big project, she was keeping her schedule to 40 hours a week

When this designer signed up for our program a few years ago, the bookkeeper was worried about the investment in the VIP Platinum program [2 VIP Days, coaching + event tickets]. Today, the bookkeeper is thrilled that her owner has achieved 6-figure net profit on the investment in her business. The program more than paid for itself and not just once, but every year.

If you’d like to share your win, we’d love to add it to our collection.

Meanwhile, set goals, create plans that are on your calendar, hold yourself and your team accountable, and remember to celebrate every win – small or large.

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