Do You Enjoy the Hunt for Interior Design Clients? Part 1

You have to enjoy the hunt for interior design clients or your business will falter and/or fail.

I’ve discussed this “non-negotiable” with many designers that come to me for coaching or advice. Some whine because they don’t really enjoy marketing and sales. My advice? Get over it or get a job. I know that sounds harsh, but if you are in business, how do you expect to make money? Your number one job is to get and keep clients. So if you don’t enjoy marketing and sales, or you don’t do it well, then do you really think you should own a business? My answer?  No … unless you really want to learn to be a rainmaker and feel as if you could enjoy that as much as your passion for interior design.

By now you’re probably angry with me for being so blunt, but most people get into business for the wrong reason. They want to pursue their passion, but what did they really expect? That they would magically have the phone ring, have clients handing over large sums of money to design their homes or business and be instantly successful?

It takes work. There is no magic bullet.

If you’re serious about making a business out of your passion, then your mindset and expectations must be aligned with reality. The key concept is that you are in the business of providing interior design services.

How many classes did you have in interior design school about business?  Isn’t it interesting that about 95% of your classes were about design, and 5% (if that) were about business?

Yes, you may be the next Architectural Digest 100 talent, but you still have to make it all happen … and profitably.  So what is your education and background in business? How do you feel about being in the business of design? Who are your role models?

Come back next week for Part 2, when I give you some key questions to to contemplate whether you are a seasoned veteran, or you are thinking of being an interior designer:

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You deserve it!

Gail Doby

Gail, with her team at Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, has helped more than 10,000 designers in 76 countries. Many of them have achieved amazing results... doubling, tripling (and more) their revenue and profit... with clarity and confidence. Gail and her team build one-of-a-kind experiences, walking beside Interior Designers to help them create and implement their plans.
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The VIP Experience
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