The Importance of Hiring A Great Photographer

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Just as designers feel that there is a great return on the client’s investment if they hire a professional interior designer, designers should also translate that into the value of hiring a great photographer.

The importance of having high quality images to attract clients cannot be stressed highlight enough. What do they see when they visit your website? Do the photographs effectively sell your firm?

Remember that the spaces you want to have photographed reflect your unique design vision and expertise and that is what needs to come through in the photographs. They need to grab the attention of prospective clients and highlight the key elements of the space. Photography is expensive but needs to be a key part of your marketing budget. It’s better to have fewer outstanding photographs than many photographs that show poorly.

An excellent professional photographer will know how to work with the furniture and decorative items to arrange the space and compose the shot to show off the most outstanding qualities of the design. A professional takes into consideration that what is seen with the eye is not always what is seen through the lens and they know how to adjust accordingly so that the shot truly captures the best view of the space. That is why you will want to look for a photographer whose specialty is architectural and interiors.

The will also know how to select the right lens, and work with the natural light in the space as well as understand if and how to incorporate additional lighting. Along with that area of expertise is the ability to use the light effectively and how to best show the true colors of the room as well as how best to accentuate the furniture and decorative items with light.

Developing a relationship with the right professional can actually save you time (which is often equivalent to money!) as they will come to know your design style, and you theirs, and over time the photo shoots will most likely take less time. They may also have valuable suggestions as to the best way to style the room for publication. A professional photographer may also have connections to magazines, which can be a valuable help in the ability to get your work published.

Additional reasons for working with a professional photographer include the fact that they have insurance and have the experience of handling permissions and releases. When developing the relationship with the photographer, remember you want to work with a professional who understands the need to be respectful in your clients’ homes as well as delivering your images in a timely fashion. Look for one who stylistic approach matches, yours and whose expertise is in architectural and interior photography.

Finally make sure it is someone who knows how to communicate, who is willing to answer your questions, and is someone whom you will be comfortable adding to your external team.



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