What You May Not Know About Us…

You may know that it is our mission to help 10,000 interior designers earn $100K+ of income per year.

What you may not know is how we help you accelerate the results you really want. We’ve been hard at work implementing new programs during 2016, and as we close out the year, you may want to explore your options for rapidly achieving your financial and personal goals in 2017.


VIP Intensive
our group VIP program for companies with $250K+ in revenue that want to scale their businesses with more profit and sanity. We analyze your personal assets and goals, and translate them into a 3-year budget for your company with our “secret sauce” that will more than pay for your membership. We create a custom and proprietary Financial Tracker with you which helps you track your profit margins and progress. We also help you create a 90-Day plan to implement key changes that will transform your business results. You also receive 90 days of coaching – two group mastermind/accountability sessions with a small group of peers, and one one-on-one check-in session with your assigned coach to help you stay on track, clarify your questions and direction. (Maximum of 12 companies | June 22 – 23, 2017 in Denver, CO. Application for enrollment end March 17, 2017.) If you are interested in participating in our next VIP Intensive, please fill out a VIP Application.

“My business and personal life were in desperate need of change. I gained so much from attending the Interior Design Summit, and I knew I needed more direct and personal strategies so I signed up for the VIP Intensive. It was mind-blowing and life-changing. Before the event, I was concerned if my investment would be worth it. What I gained were specific formula, strategies and targets to achieve. I have power to change this business to be profitable and successful. I CAN do it and IWILL. I would say that the investment was worth it and priceless.” – Holly Rabinowitz

Design Success Alliance (DSA)
our new Mastermind Group is comprised of up to 50 business owners with revenue of $500K+ or their “Seconds in Command” group led by Erin Weir. We teach leadership skills so your “Seconds in Command” can more effectively contribute to the rapid growth of your company.

Each DSA member receives one ticket to our August 3 & 4 Genius Exchange (required attendance) in Denver, CO, plus two mini-retreats with Gail on Saturday morning of each High Point Market (optional attendance), 5 teleconference Mastermind calls throughout the year and 2 private coaching sessions per year with your assigned coach. Benefits include a private Members Area with resources and recordings about relevant topics + a Facebook group where you can communicate with your peers and our team to address any challenges or opportunities you may be facing.

Our company has a “leave your ego at the door” and “share with your peers” requirement for our groups. If you’ve ever felt alone in your business, now you have a place to get the business training and support that you never got in design school.

If you are interested in learning more about Design Success Alliance, email yasmine@gaildoby.com.

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