The Importance of Having a Vision for Success

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren G. Bennis

If someone were to ask you to state the vision for the success of your firm, could you easily answer them? Could the rest of your team answer that question?

Developing a clear vision for success gives you the ability to set goals and plan for that success as you build and/or expand your firm.  Without that vision people tend to be more reactive rather than proactive and they let the priorities of others control their lives.  That lack of vision then controls the direction of the company – which means it has no direction!  As you expand your firm you will probably be looking to add great team members and what great team members would want to work for a firm with no direction?

A clear vision becomes the guiding philosophy of a company and is driven by dreams and passion. Having a vision is not only inspiring for you as the CEO of your company, but it is also inspiring for your team.  As a leader you must be able to visualize the future success of your company and then communicate that to your team.   It creates a unifying force as each individual in your firm will feel part of a team focused on and working together for the success of the company.  They will be more energized and enthusiastic and the sense of unity and purpose to strive for that success will help you all remain committed during successful as well as challenging times.

When defining the vision of success for your company, start with a strong positive attitude.  Don’t let the “what if’s” of fear limit your vision or send you off track.  Defining a vision often involves change and as a strong “conscious” leader, accept the challenge of change as an opportunity and keep your focus on the success of the company.  Be sure that your vision is specific with a clear direction so as to easily be communicated with and easily understood by your team and others. Remember that your vision for success is the purpose for your firm’s existence.

Though your vision needs to be focused and clear, remember to dream big and stretch yourself.  An effective vision has a reason and should benefit not only you and members of your firm but clients and others with whom you connect.

Once you have defined your vision for success then it’s time to take action. Your vision becomes the focal point for your short and long-term goals and it will help you guide your decisions on the road to realizing your vision.  Whether it be financial, marketing, hiring, types of clients, etc. ask yourself if it aligns with your vision for success.

To quote Joel A. Barker, futurist, author, filmmaker, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

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Drue Lawlor

Pearl Collective Coach Drue Lawlor is a long time Pearl Collective coach. As a NCIDQ certified designer she and Gail co-developed the Strategic Business Transformation Coaching program. The program led the way in teaching designers how to build or redesign their businesses for profit and success. Drue is also a regular contributor to the Pearl Collective Resources library of interior designer business articles. Outside of Pearl Collective she is the co-founder of Boomers with a Plan B. She is driven to help clients create a safer and healthier homes. You’ll find her in Senior Magazine and a contributor to the following books: Design for Aging: Post Occupancy Evaluations and Interior Graphic Standards, second edition.

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