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By Karen B Wolf
Karen B Wolf Interiors

Fellow designers, this is FUN. Test your consumer trends design IQ and see if your answers line up to our poll results. You might just be surprised.

Which of these Home Design Trends are Here to Stay and Which will look so 2020 Ten Years from Now?

Black Windows?
Stay or Dated?

Stay or Dated?

Black and Brass?
Stay or Dated?

Light Wood Floors?
Stay or Dated?

All White Kitchens?
Stay or Dated?

Porcelain Wood Look Tiles?
Stay or Dated?

Black Shower Doors?
Stay or Dated?

Concrete Tiles?
Stay or Dated?

Pure White Walls?
Stay or Dated?

Piano Lacquered Walls and Cabinetry?
Stay or Dated?

All Marble Bathrooms:
Stay or Dated?

Floating Shelves in Kitchens
Stay or Dated?

Penny Rounds with Words
Stay or Dated?

Rustic Wood Beams
Stay or Dated?

Water Fall Countertops
Stay or Dated?

Poll Results:

  • Black Windows: 92% Stay
  • Shiplap: 69% Stay
  • Black and Brass: 75% Stay
  • Light Wood Floors: 70% Stay
  • All White Kitchens: 62% Stay
  • Porcelain Tile Wood Look: 62% Stay
  • Black Shower Doors: 88% Stay
  • Concrete Tiles: 59% Stay
  • Pure White Walls: 80%
  • Piano Lacquer: 88% Stay
  • All Marble Bathroom: 59% Stay
  • Floating Shelves in Kitchens: 80% Stay
  • Penny Rounds with Words: 60% Stay
  • Rustic Wood Beams: 80% Stay
  • Waterfall Countertops: 81% Stay
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