Trends on ​T​heir Way Out ​in 2018

It is almost impossible to predict if a trend will become timeless, or if it will ​slowly decline. Thankfully, it takes many years for trends to truly disappear and most either wane, ​are reinvented, ​​or evolve but never fully ​go away. That’s great news if you just ​remodeled your kitchen in black and brass. For 2018, keep an eye on these ​current trends as they ​become less popular.

  • Cement Tiles: Just like last year’s shiplap or barn doors​,​ these ornamental tiles will look very ​”​2017​”​ in years to come. Highly patterned and black and white (another trend ready to retire​ again​) the tiles range from graphic to grunge with pure white backgrounds to earthy tones.These tiles have ​been popular ​for kitchen backsplashes, mudroom floors, powder room statements and laundry room​s​. The problem is two-fold: One is longevity – ​C​ement cracks and ​it is cold​, and half your pieces might crack on the way to your home. The second issue is the ​wildness of​ current patterns.​ Many are t​oo bold, too graphic​,​ too bright, 3-D and​ they are often ​selected ​for tiny spaces ​to make an impact. Unlike wallpaper​, cement tiles​l ​are much harder to rip out. Check out Cle’s Tile Let’s Do the Twist for a 3-D sensation.  Black and White and SHINY Gold or SHINY Brass: A timeless trend that has begun to wear​ out​ it’s welcome​…​ at least for now. Perhaps the brass should gain a patina. Check out Covet House Inspirations. Beautiful and bold​!Moving forward, we will see a mix of worn, aged, and warmer tones of brass mixed with other metals like black, iron, and aged bronze. This warmer tonality will combine beautifully​ with matte black, reclaimed wood, driftwood, and other more natural colors and materials. For 2018 let’s drop the shiny gold and find some time-worn palettes that fulfill the senses.
  • Millennial Pink: Another color story that is ​close to its end​. The shade has gone through many evolutions from dusty pink to coral to blush. But this nostalgic color now represents too many stereotypes for the Millennial Generation to embrace and too many stereotypes for Gen X, Baby Boomers and Gen Z’s to ​accept. Moving ​to the forefront will be vibrant yellows for the incoming Gen Z’s and mature gray-lacs for aging Millennial’s. See BM Coral Dust; BM Powder Blush and dusty pink color, BM Yours’s Truly.

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Karen B Wolf

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