All Aboard – Align Your Team for 2019

By Gail Doby, ASID
CVO and Co-Founder of  Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

Have you done your business and marketing plans yet for the new year? 2019 is just around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be back in the swing of things. Now is the time to set your course to success, so you make it to the destination you have in mind.

A great way to kick off the new year is by scheduling a meeting right after the holidays to align your team with the firm’s goals and objectives for the coming months. This gives everyone a chance to come together, catch up on what they did for the holidays, and renew the bonds that are so essential to good teamwork. It also eases the transition from vacation mindset back to work mindset, so your staff can return to their duties feeling fresh and focused.

With everyone gathered together and undistracted by other obligations, go over in some detail the plans you’ve set for the year. Review the firm’s operational and financial goals. Discuss marketing strategies and objectives. Be sure to give a heads up if any big changes are planned. And don’t be afraid to talk about your aspirations for the firm. You want your staff to embrace the vision you have and share your enthusiasm.

It’s important that your staff understand not only what is expected of them, but also why. When they have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and why it matters, they can put their skills, experience and creativity to work to help make it happen. They may see opportunities or solutions, as well as challenges or omissions, that you’ve overlooked.

The most crucial aspect of this kickoff meeting is that everyone comes away aligned to the same mission, strategies, goals and objectives. In that way, you’ve set the stage for them to work collectively and synergistically, not just as separate entities focused on accomplishing their own individual tasks. That synergy is the rocket fuel that will propel your firm to success.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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