I have to confess…

I have to tell you a quick story… Just a few days ago, I sent a quick Slack [team communication app that we’re addicted to] message to our management team to let them know that I’d been up all night writing a series of emails to help you with common challenges that many designers are experiencing… and the writing spree mushroomed into a massively huge project.

What you may not know about me is that in 2008, I was scared to blog… I was afraid of people reading my work and being critical. For those of you that think I’m intimidating… I’m a big marshmallow.

Fast forward and now I write and write and write… and write more. It’s crazy to think that I’ve written at least one article a week since 2008, and now I write for Designers Today, Vision Magazine, High Point Market, ASID and many more venues.

For the first three years of our business, I wouldn’t even get on camera… you know the drill… too heavy, bad hair day… but then I finally realized that videos help us connect and that’s what we HAVE to do to help you. This is me who speaks across North America at big events and our own events… it’s not easy being on stage. However, it’s part of what I have to do to serve our community.

Shock & Awe… So anyway, back to my story about a few days ago… I Slacked Erin and Shawn and said I had just written a video series the night before with the help of my cat, Carmella, sitting in my lap, blocking my laptop and pawing my face. Erin immediately responded that we needed to meet ASAP.

After sharing what I had done and knowing that they were busily setting up our process to announce our new webinar (which I’d already written), it was like the scratch on a vinyl record… dead silence.

I explained that I was, admittedly, possessed and couldn’t stop myself (which is fairly common)… I asked what they thought we should do, and after getting over the shock of having to start over with a two-day shorter deadline to set up the systems, they agreed to help me get this done and out to you.

Confession: at 2:05 AM the night before, I emailed our videographer, make-up artist and hair stylist… to see if could they fit in the time to prep me and record the videos, and miraculously, the answer was yes.

And even crazier, I live next to a light rail station, so I asked my assistant to reserve a hotel room so I could shoot the videos… it all came together, and I’m still writing as you can see. Thousands of words remain to be written, and I do hope to get some sleep before the High Point Market. You can check me for bags and circles. I’ll have to try some of those miracle cures on the Internet.

Behind the Scenes: We’ve been sharing “Behind the Scenes” pictures on social media… (can you tell I’m punchy?)

Anyway, this is about you! We created a brand NEW Interior Design Success Workshop the first two videos posted this week.

There’s no credit card required. The only thing you need to access it is to REGISTER HERE.

We’ll be opening our advanced [and enhanced] “Strategic Business Transformation [AKA SBT] Coaching Program” soon, and until then, our video Success Workshop is free. We’re excited to share these videos with you… get ready to take notes – you’ll get lots of juicy ideas that will help you grow your business.

NOTE: what I share in this workshop is proven to work for interior designers just like you. The workshop is
100% free… and I promise it will change the way you think about your business…

We’ll share these game changing ideas…

  • 3 Essential Success Skills
  • 3 Fatal Business Mistakes (don’t miss this!) and
  • 3 Keys To A Steady Stream Of Ideal Clients… and more

REGISTER NOW to access to the Interior Design Success Workshop. It will change your thinking and your business.

Photo is of Gail’s Curious Cat, Carmella

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