Create Your Own Mastermind Group

Are you part of a mastermind group? Would you like to be? Why not create your own.

The advantages of a mastermind group include access to more information, providing support for design projects, and having people to keep you accountable but there are other advantages to having a mastermind group. When a group of people come together to achieve a definite purpose you have increased the mental expertise and combined brainpower of the group – and this increased intellect can be accessed by any of the members. You then have the brainpower of a larger company and you immediately become smarter than you would be individually!

A key element of creating a successful mastermind group is to be sure you surround yourself with the right people – those who will add value to you and your business as well as you adding value to theirs. It is like expanding the size and expertise available for each of your businesses without hiring additional team members. Be sure that you share similar views on ethics and values and that you each view the mastermind group as a way to increase the success of each of your businesses. You need to be willing to share and not look at the other members as competitors.

You want to create a mastermind group with a group of designers whom you select as carefully as you select your own team. Look at it as an “external team”. Don’t forget that you need to identify a facilitator with strong leadership abilities to get the group off to a strong start at each meeting and to keep them focused, encourage effective discussions and guide the members to create success. Also an agenda is a must.

A mastermind group offers the opportunity for learning and brainstorming with others who share your passion for and background in the design business. Imagine the value if each of you attend different conferences, seminars, product showcases, etc. and then can share the key information each of you gathered with the entire group. You have suddenly become more valuable to your clients as you have expanded your knowledge base without having to crisscross the country trying to attend as many educational/informational events as possible – which is only one way your mastermind group will increase your bottom line.

So spend some time getting to know other designers and pay attention to those who would be positive additions to your mastermind group. And remember that this group can be virtual – possibly created from those designers you meet at Gail Doby events, then meeting via Zoom with periodic “in person” meetings as you gather at additional Gail Doby events at High Point or Las Vegas, etc.

Each member can look at the mastermind group as a personal board of directors. After all, in the words of Ken Blanchard: “None of us is as smart as all of us”.

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Drue Lawlor

Director of Coaching Drue leads our coaching and consulting. As a NCIDQ certified designer she and Gail co-developed the 12-month Strategic Business Transformation Group Coaching. The program leads the way in teaching designers how to build or redesign their businesses for profit and success. Outside of Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting she is the co-founder of Boomers with a Plan B. She is driven to help clients create a safer and healthier homes. You’ll find her in Senior Magazine and a contributor to the following books: Design for Aging: Post Occupancy Evaluations and Interior Graphic Standards, second edition.
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