Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

First and foremost, let’s start with what USP means. A unique selling proposition is the one thing that makes your business better than the competition. It’s a specific benefit that makes your business stand out when compared to other businesses in your market.

Successfully targeting your USP can make all the difference for your business. Your USP defines what makes you a better value than the other choices available. Finding a niche can seem scary, especially when just starting your business, but by defining your niche and specializing in something unique you are creating your brand and targeting the clients that you want to work with. You are standing out from the pack! One of the reasons that 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first 18 months is their unwillingness to define their USP, they are not unique in their field and get lost in the crowd.

So, let’s find out how to properly define your USP! We’ve rounded up a few great ways to get started.

1. Don’t try to please everyone.
a. Your design business needs to be different than anything else out there. Avoid being a jack of all trades and master of none.
b. Identifying your target audience is crucial here.
2. Study your competition and do your market research
a. Know what your competitors have and how they offer it. Find something that is lacking in your market and then offer it.
3. Identify your unique talents or interests
a. Incorporating your talents into your business can help you set yourself apart from the competition
b. Do you have other degrees? What is your background? Think about what makes you special and use that in your business.
4. Define your promise
a. Once you have identified your USP – define it. Tell your customers what you are promising and why they need to choose you.
5. Market your USP!
a. Effective USPs can be used as a slogan and should be incorporated into all of your company’s marketing
b. Really make sure that when clients see your brand, they think of your USP.

The more specialized your service, the better chance you have of becoming the go-to resource in your field. By developing a set of skills valued by a select group of clients looking for that specific service you will automatically be their first choice.

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Nick May

Nick May is the host of widely acclaimed interior design podcast— The Chaise Lounge, dedicated to the business of interior design. Each week he interviews top designers from across the country to find out HOW they got into interior design, WHY they started their own firm, and WHAT has made them SO successful. Nick believes in systems, team building, and marketing (but not necessarily in that order). He is passionate about helping others grow their businesses by sharing his successes and failures in the often-misunderstood dark art of marketing and social media.
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