Four Memorable Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

duced, By Drue Lawlor, FASID
Director of Coaching, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting & Design Success University

The holidays are upon us.  Are you still trying to catch up?  If so here are some ideas that might work for last minute client gifts – and if not this year then you might include these ideas as part of the “WOW” package that you should develop for your firm for the entire year

  1. Have everyone in your firm keep their ears and eyes open for local businesses and people you know who might have    produced something special you could adopt for holiday gifts.  For example, this year the husband of a DSU client produced a wonderful CD of piano music for the holiday season.  I purchased a number of CD’s signed by the artist to use as small gifts or to include in a gift basket.  It’s perfect background music for the holidays, it’s unique and something they would not readily come across, and it promotes a talented artist.
  2. Discover a local business with specialty products and who might manufacture a product just for your firm – with your private label attached.  Or even if the product itself is not specifically made for you, you might identify a group of products that would be a great fit for your clients – and then have your private label attached.  We have an historic marmalade factory in a residential neighborhood near me and they have been in business for 4 generations.  It’s a hidden gem and they manufacture a number of products from which to choose.  Many people have no idea it’s there and they make wonderful gifts on their own or again, as part of a gift basket.
  3. Another idea related to local businesses is to seek out a small local business or businesses that will make great business partners for the long term.  You then will develop a relationship where you are a 3rd party marketer for their business and they will help refer business to you (when you take the time to share with them who is your ideal client!).  The local retailers I work with are very effective merchandisers – they have displays that draw you in, they are constantly adding new merchandise and creating a reason to return often.  And they have a great variety of merchandise in every price range.  One in particular happens to be a gourmet specialty food store and they offer private shopping – you invite guests/clients, they close the store for the evening, they serve food and wine and share the newest award-winning foods, latest gadgets,  and everyone who attends receives a personalized shopping bag.  You might add a special gift from you to each of your guests/clients and include an individual note with each.
  4. One Hope Wine is another idea.  They not only have a variety of gift boxes but giving back is integrated into every bottle. A percentage of each bottle sold translates into proceeds for over a dozen charitable cause partners – from breast cancer to veterans.

Embrace the season – and be creative – it’s who you are!


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