What is Your Design Philosophy?

Photo credit: Emily Wilson The first question is – do you have a design philosophy? And if not, what is driving your business? Your design philosophy is key because it should drive everything you do and every decision you make in your business. It should represent what you stand for and it should be written…

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Shopping for Spouses

Shopping For Spouses

Let me first clear up any possible confusion. I am not offering dating advice. If you are in the market for a spouse, you need to scroll to the next article. Seriously though, I do want to talk about doing more to engage spouses in the interior design process. They often are overlooked but have…

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The Importance of Scale and Proportion in Interior Design

While so much of the world of interior design is subjective and a matter of taste, there are some foundational principles that transcend all styles and trends. Two of the most critical key principles of interior design are the principles of scale and proportion. Scale encompasses many relative issues of sizing within a given interior.…

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Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur: Understanding The Difference

These days everyone seems to understand what an entrepreneur is, but fewer understand or have heard of the intrapreneur. A term first coined in the ’80s, an intrapreneur shares many of the same features as an entrepreneur. But the setting in which they work is different. While an entrepreneur works in a business created for…

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What is Your Design Style?

Ethics_Its Not A Choice

How important is it to you to have an easily identified design style? If you feel it is not important, then why is that? And if you feel it is important, how would you define your design style? You may rebel against having an identifiable style, worrying about losing prospective design clients, but ask yourself…

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We’re Grateful For You!

Happy Thanksgiving! From our families to yours, we hope you have an amazing holiday break and that you take time to recharge. And I’m grateful for our team! They work very hard behind the scenes to help me help you grow your business. Just in case you don’t know our team members, here are just…

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