Gratitude Grows Your Business

By Drue Lawlor, FASID

As many are in the midst of celebrating the Christmas season and thinking ahead to the New Year, it’s a perfect time to stop and reflect on that for which you can be grateful – both in your personal and professional life… Gratitude Grows Your Business!

As you make your “gratitude list”, think about the people who are part of that list and make sure that you let them know how much you appreciate them and why. Showing your gratitude so often comes back ten-fold and it’s surprising what a positive boost it is not only to the person with whom you are sharing your gratitude but also to you.

When the CEO of a company creates an “attitude of gratitude” within the culture of the business the benefits multiply. The atmosphere is more positive and the team members want to give more as they know their efforts are appreciated. That culture of gratitude affects the interactions of the team with each other and extends to the clients of the firm. It will positively affect your clients’ view of your firm. Wouldn’t you rather work with a company that appreciates you as a client and who lets you know that? And there is an additional benefit which is that when you ask your ideal clients for referrals, they will not only be very willing, but will want to share how the culture of your firm is one of the key reasons they enjoyed working with your firm.

Paying a compliment is a wonderful way to share your feelings of gratitude. We all appreciate a sincere compliment and your team is no different. Maybe they stayed late to finish some work without your even asking, or took the initiative in solving a problem with a job, so make sure you acknowledge that and share your appreciation.

The same goes for your resources.  How often do you thank your resources for the wonderful work they do – maybe for going above and beyond in their service, or for how they make your firm appear that much more professional? Or if you often work as a team with a contractor, architect, real estate professional, or others — thank them for increasing the value you can offer your clients by being part of such an outstanding team. You might also send a congratulatory note with their photo/article you saw in the newspaper. In this day and age of electronic mail, a handwritten note definitely stands out and is remembered long after it is received.

Extend your firm’s “attitude of gratitude” into your community – it might be a note of thanks to a local organization for work they have done, or even extending your gratitude by getting involved in your community in volunteer areas. Practicing that gratitude will soon become a habit – one that you’ll find will positively affect your business as your firm develops a reputation known for your positive culture – attractive to prospective clients and a design firm worth referring.

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