How to Create the Illusion of A Bigger Business

Many designers work alone and feel that their clients don’t value them as much as if they were in a nice studio or office. Today’s clients are more pragmatic and understanding, but at the same time, they want great service and a great experience.

One of my wonderful VIP clients told me about a telephone system that allows her boutique firm to appear very professional with a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system that has extensions that can be forwarded to cell phones and land lines. Even if you don’t have an employee or external contractor for accounting, you can assign an extension to that department even if you’re the one that picks up the messages. The company that she uses is

Beyond the illusion of a bigger business, what about creating the reality of an amazing client experience? Have you focused on how you build the relationship with your current and past clients? Staying in touch and doing special things like lunches, coffees, gifts and card should and must be a part of your business strategy. Don’t forget to add these expenses to your marketing budget.

You can outsource many tasks in your business like accounting, errands (courier or personal assistant), marketing, shopping, expediting and much more. Outsourcing expands your capacity to serve your clients, and it removes a lot of stress for you as the business owner. Just remember, if you are billing $100 per hour, you can afford to buy 5 hours of time from someone that you pay $20 per hour. You’re not saving money by doing tasks that don’t make at least $100 per hour for you. 


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Easy Budget Calculator Tool
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What's Your Interior Designer Persona?
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The VIP Experience

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