Interior Designers: Love Your Numbers!

By Gail Doby, ASID
CVO & Co-Founder, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting & Design Success University

Today we’re sharing a quick quiz you can take without anyone seeing your answers. Take just a few minutes and discover your personal Financial Savvy Score.

Give yourself a 1 for each YES and a 0 for each NO:

1. YES  NO  You know the difference between net profit and net margin.

2. YES  NO  You know what it costs to operate your business each month.

3. YES  NO  You know the difference between mark-up and margin and why it matters.

4. YES  NO  You know your Assets to Liabilities ratio and why you need to know.

5. YES  NO  You know what net margin you should be earning.

6. YES  NO  You earn more than your employees.

7. YES  NO  You know how productive your employees need to be as a % of their time.

8. YES  NO  You have a budget.

9. YES  NO  You plan for all major expenditures.

10. YES  NO  You use a cash flow projection to manage your business.

11. YES  NO  You know how to read your financial statements and look forward to seeing them each month.

12. YES  NO  You’re earning six-figures in your business.

13. YES  NO  You know how much you need to have in your reserve funds for your business.

14. YES  NO  You know how much of the money that is in your bank account(s) is actually profit.

15. YES  NO  You meet with your CPA each quarter to review your projected revenue.

16. YES  NO  You know what percentage of projected revenue you should allocate for marketing.

17. YES  NO  You measure your “Return on Investment” (ROI) of each investment you make in your business.

18. YES  NO  Your bookkeeper prepares monthly reports and reviews them with you.

19. YES  NO  You know the definition of each of these terms: revenue, gross profit, and cost of goods sold.

20. YES  NO  You feel calm and confident about your numbers and financial knowledge.

Total Score _________

18 – 20 You’re A Financially Savvy Genius
16 – 17 You’re on your way to being Financially Savvy
14 – 15 You know enough to be dangerous – you have basic financial knowledge
10 – 14 You need financial training to become confident with your numbers
Below 10 Time for school!

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Why should you drop everything to be here? This is the answer to increasing your income, becoming confident with your numbers and finally earning what you deserve. Aren’t you worth it?

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  1. Debra Rigby on March 9, 2017 at 7:57 am

    I cant make the 12 pm time will there be a replay of the webinar available?

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