Mastering a Prosperity Mindset Through FEAR

No one goes into business believing they will fail, but it’s surprising how many business owners doubt whether they can succeed.  Once they actually are in business, they discover challenges and setbacks they hadn’t anticipated.  They can get discouraged, even despondent.  The difference between those that succeed and those that eventually fail is a mindset determined to overcome all obstacles.

The first step toward winning is to think like a winner.  Weldon Long, the author of The Power of Consistency, which I mentioned in a previous article, contends, “To overcome any challenge you need to get your mind right and develop a prosperity mindset that is geared and programmed to transcend any obstacle.”  Many of us have had experiences in our past that cause us to doubt ourselves and our goals.  We may believe, consciously or subconsciously, that we are not worthy of success or wealth or fame, and so we unknowingly sabotage our success by succumbing to our limiting beliefs.  A prosperity mindset, on the contrary, is grounded in the here and now and the realization that we can take actions today that will take us further down the path toward achieving our goals and dreams.

Based on his own personal experience of overcoming adversity and self-doubt to achieve undreamed-of success, Long identified four healthy habits that help us move past our limiting beliefs.  They comprise a four-step process he refers to with the acronym FEAR:

  • Achieve Focus — Identify your limiting beliefs and identify your key priorities.
  • Emotional Commitment — Let go of the baggage and hurt from your past and stop worrying about your future.  Live in the present moment.
  • Action — Recondition your mind and change your expectations to produce success.  If you think the right things, and do the right things, wealth and success will follow.
  • Responsibility — Responsibility is the only way to success.  Focus on the things you can control and STOP depending on luck to make a living.

Once you have embraced the FEAR paradigm and have begun to use it to work past the obstacles that are hindering your success, the next step is to create a Personal Prosperity Plan to improve business performance, commit to it, and take consistent action to implement it.  “The key to improvement,” says Long, “is in recognizing the error of our ways, finding a better course of action, and being consistent in moving in a more positive direction.”

While there are many things that affect our business that are beyond our control, we can control our own thoughts and how we respond to circumstances.  Developing a prosperity mindset allows us to move past worry and blame to focus on solutions, to see challenges as opportunities, and to take positive action that produces a positive result.  Each time we do that, our resolve and our self-esteem grow stronger, reinforcing our mindset and propelling us towards success.

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