Why You Need a Unique Value Proposition For Your Business

We hear this often from interior designers:  “My clients do not truly value what I do/offer, how can I help them to understand how working with me can help them?”

So often interior design professionals make the mistake of expecting their clients to be able to recognize how wonderful we are without showing them how we are an invaluable asset – what value we bring to their project.

I’ll bet that you are able to do your job so well that you probably take for granted what makes you and your firm unique.

Knowing and communicating your Unique Value Proposition to your clients gives you an edge on your competition and educates your clients as to the worth you bring to their project.  With your Unique Value Proposition, you promise a benefit that your firm offers to your clients, employees, or external business team members.

Most often your Unique Value Proposition is measured in terms of “benefit minus cost”.  But the ROI for your firm goes beyond team and client loyalty and referrals.

Here’s what knowing and communicating your Unique Value Proposition can do for you:

  1. It helps you to put your emphasis on areas of your business that you know will make the most difference, especially to your clients.  You know what you need to deliver in order to be the ultimate choice for your ideal clients.
  2. It helps you and your firm know exactly where to focus your resources: time, money, energy and people
  3. You end up wasting less time, energy and dollars on marketing efforts that are not directed at your ideal clients. You know exactly what are the key words t to build your marketing and  messaging around. Your marketing will be very clear and focused.
  4. It will help you identify and clearly communicate the connection between your services and your ideal clients’ goals, thus making it easier for them to know that your firm is the only one they need to consider.
  5. It gives you and your team clarity as to why your firm is unique and helps everyone to work together without second-guessing their every move.

Your Unique Value Proposition is showing what you offer your clients (products and/or services) is different from your competition.

Remember, the word “unique” is key.

You and your team need to be able to answer questions such as “Why should your ideal client specifically select your firm?” and “What makes you different/stand out?”

How do you start creating a Unique Value Proposition for your business?

The easiest way to nail down what makes you unique is to start with a team brainstorming session.  If you are beginning to build your team, involve a few of your external team members and if at all possible clients with whom you have a close relationship.

During your session, be sure to ask key questions such as “Who are we, as a firm?”

Then ask your group to make a list of words that define the following:

  • The services you provide
  • The original design of your products (if you sell products)
  • Your firm’s personality
  • How and why your firm is unique.

Gather your team together for a brainstorming session and initiate the process of separating yourself from the competition – doing this will really help you get clarity.

When you are done take time to celebrate and consistently communicate what makes your firm unique.

Remember the goal of your Unique Value Proposition is for you and your firm to be seen as unique in the minds of your prospective clients.  A well crafted and communicated Unique Value Proposition  will show that you are the best choice for your clients.

Gail Doby

Gail, with her team at Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, has helped more than 10,000 designers in 76 countries. Many of them have achieved amazing results... doubling, tripling (and more) their revenue and profit... with clarity and confidence. Gail and her team build one-of-a-kind experiences, walking beside Interior Designers to help them create and implement their plans.
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