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No matter whether your business has been thrashing or thriving so far this year, you still have plenty of time left to steer it toward a strong finish. You may not have all the answers to your questions, but don’t let that stop you from revisiting and resetting your goals and strategies. Look around to identify your best opportunities and set your sights on making the most of those.  Plan now for a great year-end!

Don’t be overly concerned if you’ve fallen behind on the goals you originally set for the year. These are extraordinary times. Accept that and focus on what you can accomplish now. Set new revenue, profit and project targets for the last four months of the year based on current conditions. Be realistic but optimistic. Motivate yourself to do your best.

Focus on one or two key goals that will have the greatest impact on your business’ health by year-end. Envisioning success will help you achieve it. Develop timelines, milestones and ways to measure your progress to help keep you on track to fulfill those goals.

This is a time to draw on your core strengths and competencies. Do more of what you do best. If business as usual isn’t working for you, shift strategies. Consider how you can apply your core strengths and competencies to other areas that address what clients need and are asking for now. Retool your marketing efforts and materials to highlight your talents in those areas. Expand your outreach to attract new clients.

Reevaluate your business model and value proposition. Emphasize the aspects of your business that will earn you the most revenue and profit in today’s market. Identify where in your operations can you economize or reduce overhead. Standardize or streamline processes and procedures to make them more efficient.

Having reset your goals and strategies, communicate the new plan to your team and make it part of everyone’s job to carry it out. Your plan may not be perfect. It may need to be revised over and over as circumstances change. Stay flexible but focused. If you know your destination, you can adjust your course as need arises to get you there.ison

Check out our Creative Genius Podcast for great discussions and interviews with Gail Doby & Erin Weir.  This week, they interview Designer Garrison Hullinger from Portland. Enjoy!

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