Serendipity Does Exist

Serendipity does exist. At a Genius Exchange finale cocktail party in the sprinkling rain on beautiful Hilton Head Island, I chatted with a few of my VIP clients and attendees about the value of the event. A few of my clients passionately requested that we create an even more intimate group in which the members could share more deeply… billing strategies… best practices for managing and inspiring their team… how to create an exit strategy… mindset challenges and much more.

After a few months, the idea of developing a Boardroom for 12 companies became a reality, and our passionate VIPs became charter Boardroom members. Our first Oceanside retreat at the beautiful property of The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay was a game-changer for the entire group. Tears, hugs, laughs, a piano concert and singalong complete with dancing added a spark to the amazing chemistry of the group.

The second Oceanside retreat was at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel in which we spent hours sharing meals outside, on a boat touring Newport Beach, and conversations about each person’s business and how to resolve challenges and opportunities.

There is something magical about this group of people – caring, sharing, supporting, giving, loving and amazing. It’s filled with warm hearts and true compassion for their peers and their journey.

The Boardroom is an intimate group composed of similar sized companies that have similar goals for their business – strong, profitable growth with a team. The Boardroom is an exclusive forum for twelve companies (maximum of  two owners or senior leaders per company).

The goal of The Boardroom is to share new and best practices, and  ongoing analysis of issues that impact top level firms with revenues exceeding $1,000,000 per year. As firms grow into the multi seven-figure and eight-figure level, new challenges arise, and sharing those with peers with similar experiences produces a mastermind opportunity and level of accountability not found in larger groups. We encourage members to speak openly in The Boardroom about their financials and billing practices. Everything that is discussed in The Boardroom stays in The Boardroom.

The purpose of The Boardroom is to provide peer accountability, camaraderie, group and individual challenges to help exceed personal and business goals. We also include social events because it is important to build the trust and relationships with peers.

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