Teamwork is the Ultimate Shortcut

I’ve frequently heard busy designers say, “if only I could clone myself.”  If only.  I admit I’ve often wished I could add more hours to the day.  I wish.  As the old song says, wishing and hoping won’t get you where you want to go.  You can’t clone yourself or add more hours to the day, but you can do the next best—or, in my opinion, even better—thing.  You can build a well-coordinated, highly functional team to help you achieve all those things you don’t have the time or ability to do yourself.  It’s the ultimate shortcut to success.

Having started two businesses myself, I understand the reluctance some designers have to give up control and trust someone else to do things the right way—which is to say, the way they would do it themselves.  Many of these same designers also are stressed and burned out from overwork and frustrated that they are not making more money.  They have yet to realize what many successful business owners have discovered: the only way out of their dilemma is to get more help.

Think about it.  If you work alone, you can only work more hours to increase your income.  If you take a vacation, you lose income and, potentially, new business.  If you get sick or injured, no one is earning money to pay your bills or operate your business.  There is also no one to take care of your clients.

Building your team is one of the most important things you can do to restore balance in your life and grow your company’s finances.  Whether comprised of employees, interns, outsourced freelancers, or a combination of these, a carefully chosen and well-managed team can accomplish more than the sum of its parts.  Your firm not only can get more done, take on more clients and projects, and increase the number of billable hours, but it will benefit from the combined talents, expertise, experience, and perspective of all the members.  No one is equally good at everything.  A well-balanced team is even better than cloning yourself.  It allows you to draw on a variety of strengths that elevates everyone’s individual contributions.

And what about maintaining standards and control?  Practicing good management skills, creating a strong organizational culture that embodies your vision and values, and formalizing policies and procedures will provide your team with clear guidance and keep them focused on a set of mutually determined goals and objectives.  They will be as invested in the firm’s success as you are.

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