The Importance of Scale and Proportion in Interior Design

While so much of the world of interior design is subjective and a matter of taste, there are some foundational principles that transcend all styles and trends. Two of the most critical key principles of interior design are the principles of scale and proportion. Scale encompasses many relative issues of sizing within a given interior. Proportion deals with the size relationship of two specific objects. Many mistakenly use the terms interchangeably. They bear similarities, but there are nuances that differentiate the two. Scale and proportion both are integral to establishing what interior designers call the golden ratio. This ratio, 1:618 is a near foolproof method for determining which colors, shapes, sizes, and positioning to implement within an interior space. For the golden ratio and more, scale and proportion are critical elements of design that cannot be overlooked.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scale is the size of something in relation to something else. Proportion is the size relationship between two things.
  • Use the golden ratio of 1:618 when designing the interior of a space.
  • Contrast is important in creating a unique and inspiring space.

“While a lot of interior design is a matter of personal taste, there are a few fundamental concepts that transcend differences in style.”

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