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Consult any number of experts on what determines business success and you’re likely to find about as many different answers. One thing is certain, though. You can’t achieve success unless you can envision what success looks like or create the mindset.

Regardless of where you are now, as you look ahead, what are your goals for the remainder of the year? What will your business look like? Where do you hope to be financially? How do you want to be positioned in order to move forward in the coming year?

In a recent episode of our Creative Genius podcast, we spoke with organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy who shared with us his insights and advice on how to create one’s desired future. His own research and that of others shows that having a future-oriented mindset motivates us to do the things we need to do to achieve that future. He explained to us why that is.

When we have a clearly defined vision of our desired future, we can turn that vision into a tangible goal we can work toward. We can then determine the result we need to bring about in order to achieve that goal. Once we’ve identified the result we’re seeking, we can develop the process that will produce that result. By breaking the vision down into specific outcomes, we are able to target our actions and behaviors toward achieving those outcomes.

Dr. Hardy counseled us to think of one to three things we could do each day to move ourselves forward toward our desire future. Then think of what are the three most important things we could this week to get us closer. Now identify three to five things to accomplish this quarter in order to reach your goal. Approaching our desired future this way makes achieving it more manageable.

With each step, we get closer to our goal. When we see that we are making progress, we gain confidence that we can succeed, and that confidence motivates us to keep going. That confidence and clarity of vision is the mindset that will help us to overcome obstacles, find solutions to problems, and inspire us every day to do our best.

You can listen to the entire interview with Dr. Hardy, as well as our other podcasts, from the Creative Genius Podcast page on the Gail Doby website.

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