Don’t Hold Back

On today’s podcast Gail and Erin talk with Vicky Serany, founder and principal designer, Southern Studio Interior Design. The biggest lesson, she said, was to learn to believe in herself.  “I wish I had gained more confidence earlier,” she remarked.  “If I were to do things differently, I would not hold back.”

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This is Serious Business

Many designers have a hard time thinking of themselves as businesspeople. Taking charge of your business can make all the difference. In today’s podcast Gail and Erin talk with Kim Raymond, owner and principal architect of Kim Raymond Architects & Interiors.

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Business Breakthrough – Read All About It

In today’s podcast, Gail and Erin talk about the upcoming release of Gail’s new book, Business Breakthrough, in early April.  Drawing on Gail’s years of experience helping hundreds of designers to achieve greater business success, the book has something to offer any interior design business owner, at whatever point they may be in the life of their business.

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Plan and it Will Happen

creative genius podcast episode 10

Running a business without a plan is like taking a trip without an itinerary or a map.  How do know where you’re going or when you’ve arrived?  More than that, making a plan sets in motion the energies that will bring about the future you’ve planned for.

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Cultivating an Entrepreneur Mindset

creative genius podcast - season 2 episode 9

If you dream of running a million-dollar business, you need to adjust your mindset. On this week’s podcast, Gail and Erin sit down with entrepreneur Scott Oldford to discuss his successes and failures, and how to change your approach. “A business will not grow because of strategies and tactics,” said Scott.  “A business will grow because the entrepreneur’s mind sees the scenario in a certain way.  That is absolutely 100 percent possible to create.”

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Get Over Yourself

creative genius season 2 episode 8

In today’s podcast, Gail and Erin talk with multi-award-winning designer Lisa Gielincki, principal at Lisa Gielincki Interior Design. Her biggest challenge in growing her business, she recognized, was to get past her image of herself and to believe that she could do more, do bigger, and achieve more.

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Taking the Next Step

creative genius podcast - karen wolf

In today’s podcast, Gail and Erin talk with Karen Wolf, creative principal and owner of KBW Interiors. It was through her work with Gail that Karen gained the confidence to branch out into trends forecasting, an area she had long considered a strength and enjoyed. It has added a new dimension to her business and her life.

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Love Your Business

Creative Genius Podcast - Love Your Business

Matthew Tirschwell sits down with Gail Doby to talk about how her teachings helped his business, and more importantly, helped him fall back in love with his business. Several years ago, Matthew felt that his business was just treading water, and now he feels the passion again.

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